Friday, May 14, 2004

2005 Hybrid cars , 2005 Toyota Highlander , ** SAVE FUEL **

2005 Toyota Highlander hybrid car

It is HIGH time we start thinking about hybrid cars. The prices of fuel will increase every comming year. The time demands cars which could run on very less or no fuel. No fuel cars or car running on batteries is in its early stages so cars running on less fuel should be hot as of today. The 3 major benifits would be:-

* Gas Mileage($$)
* The environment(Save Earth***)
* Oil dependency

The great news about 2005 Toyota Highlander is 27.6 miles per gallon. It will be the the world's first 7 seater hybrid suv. All this comes with powerplant output of 270 horsepower is very impressive. It would have 3.3L, 6 Cylinders engine powered by Hybrid Synergy Drive technology avaiable in Toyota Prius.

Safety wise 2005 Toyota Highlander offers stability control system and a tire pressure monitoring system as standard equipment whereas front seat-mounted side airbags side curtain airbags for the 2nd and 3rd rows are optional.


Car- 2005 Toyota Highlander
Class- SUV
Engine- 3.3L, 6 Cylinders
Seating- 7
Cargo Space-80.6 cubic feet
Speed- 0-60 mph < 8 seconds


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