Friday, May 14, 2004

What is hybrid car ? , How Hybrid car works ? , Basics

The conventional cars uses gasoline as its source of power. The electric cars gets their power from batteries. But Hybrid car is one that gets power from two sources. The common example is car running on both gasoline & battery.

Today most of the car manufacterers are going to introduce their models for hybrid car. The common features in a hybrid car are:-

Smaller Engines:-
This smaller engine has enough power to move around in free way but when it is needed th get the car moving uphill it needs extra power which is readily provided by the electric motar and the battery thus not affecting the performance of the car.

Engine shutoff:-
Whe car takes brake or reaches a red light the engines run by gasoline shuts down and power is supplied by the electri motor and battery.

The efficiency of the hybrid cars is achieved by>>
# Recovering energy and storing it in the battery
# Engine shut off at redlight and when car pauses for a while.
# Using advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag
# Using low-rolling resistance tires
# Using lightweight materials for making body of car.


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Nowadays, it's a common thing for manufacturers to introduce their models for hybrid car.

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