Thursday, February 08, 2007

Add Gas Prices to Your Website, a big name in automobile arena have launched "Add Gas Prices to Your Website", a seductive opportunity for website owners and webmasters who could now display local gas prices to their users using data from the reliable and authenticated sources associated with All you have to do is to copy a small code provided here and paste it in the source page of your website or blog.

The gas price tool display local gas prices in real time. Simply input the zip code for the area and it would give up-to-date gas price which enable you to plan your next trip ahead, for the prices involved. This tool gives amazingly closest/real values and I am not sure how every time day after day they maintain these data.

Head on to for this great free addictive tool and give your visitors a value added service. allows you to find new and used cars, buy or sell cars, car reviews, and even provides or assists for auto financing and loans. While writing this review for the site, I came across car forum which is one of the best places to interact with like minded car enthusiasts who discuss their love affair with their machines. The site has a very friendly interface and browsing the site is a breeze.
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Blogger Chris K said...

Click the link below to view the code to add the gas prices to your website:

It seems their page is broken and I tried contacting them. The widget works fine though. To set the widget to pull gas prices for your city, simply replace the 5 digit zip code where it says simZipCode = (make sure to leave the semi-colon at the end).

12:18 PM  
Blogger Chris K said...

Sorry the link didn't work, that's the link.

12:20 PM  
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