Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Hybrid cars for 2006

Gas electric Hybrid cars is no longer considered as passé and they are very much driving into the mainstream automobile market with full stream. This is evident with the new hybrid cars that are being launched in the market with great speed. Toyota has launched hybrid version of its most popular car in US where as Saturn has lowest priced Hybrid SUV. GM and Toyota both launching its hybrids is another sign that the automakers are now serious with the environmental cars.

Toyota launched revamped version of its Camry Sedan with a Camry Hybrid at the Auto Show in Detroit. Camry is one of the best selling car in US since last four years and a hybrid version of the same is surely going to boost the hybrid car sales for Toyota motors the NO. 2 carmaker of the world.

General motors NO. 1 carmaker of the world, one of the late comers in the hybrid car market is also coming up in the competition with a lower price tag for its Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid which is also being launched at 2006 Detroit auto show. The car is coming with a price tag of $23,000, which is going to make it the lowest cost hybrid SUV launched in the market so far. The base price of regular 4-cylinder VUE is $17,990.

People go for hybrid cars for 2 reasons i.e. money they are going to save on fuel and environmental factors. In these two, price is the real factor and the present hybrid cars are not meeting it effectively. The hybrid cars as of now cost nearly $3000 more then their traditional counterparts. This money could be saved by higher fuel efficiency of hybrid cars but would take on an average 6 years. Most car owners do not keep their cars for this long.

Toyota plan to make one of its most popular cars as hybrid could heat the competition with other carmakers especially Honda and GM.


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