Sunday, May 23, 2004

Milestones for Hybrid cars, Improvements needed for hybrid vehicle

Functionality Of the Car

`` The hybrid cars are smaller in size. What is needed is bigger cars like SUV & trucks.

`` The Hybrid cars needs to be more powerful.

`` The mileage needs to be further improved by use of some more fuel saving technologies so that people are compelled to buy hybrid cars.

`` Incentives in the form of tax reduction to make hybrid cars more popular and competitive.

`` Should be readily available as long list of waiting list is seen at booking for the car.

`` Awareness should be generated. As more car sales does not only mean profits for car manufacturers but also profits to society in terms of limited fossil fuel saved, less damage to environment, less dependence on other countries for fuel.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree that the car companies need to make hybrids a lot more spacious on the inside. This is especially true for north Americans, as on average we're somewhat taller than most people (and yes, on average we're fatter, too!). Luckily, it seems that hybrids are gradually getting bigger. (The new Ford Escape hybrid, of course, is plenty big, as it's an SUV, but we need more spacious hybrid CARS.) I just drove in a friend's Toyota Prius, and it has WAY more headroom and legroom than the earlier Prius models. Also, Nissan's manufacturing a hybrid version of the Altima (2007 model year, for sale in USA and Canada fall 2006) - hopefully it's same size as the conventional Altima, which I've found to have surprisingly decent legroom and headroom (I'm 6'2", 240 pounds). But I'd really like to see some larger sedans available as hybrids - like the Pontiac Bonneville.

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