Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hybrid cars: the future's only car

The prices of gas has reached beyond $2 per gallon, dependence on oil from imports, environment damage due to exhaust, Time to switch to better mileage, environment friendly Hybrid cars.

43,435 vehicles sold in US last year. There is a huge leap in the sales of hybrid cars this year with Honda Civic Hybrid selling 3000 cars last month alone.

Leading the path to hybrid cars is environment conscious California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger leads with maximum number of hybrid car sales in US. Schwarzenegger is planning a "hydrogen highway network plan" that includes the installation, before 2010, of hydrogen fuel stations on the Golden State's most important motorways.

"Bigger is better" but they leave a hole in your pocket, environment... If you drive 15,000 miles a year the fuel cost for a large SUV would be $2,600 where as for a smaller car it would be around $1900 and for hybrid cars $600.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah man........and i'm the inventer of the toaster. Damn suits stole my idea back in 1912.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Using your numbers and using $2 per gallon as the cost of feul, you are saying a large SUV averages 12 mpg, a smaller car averages 16 mpg and a hybrid averages 50 mpg. What you are doing is comparing the worst mileage cars/SUVs on the road to the best mileage hybrids (I'm being generous). Your comparison is meaningless for comparing drivetrain efficiency. My F-250 at 7,500 pounds gets better mileage around town than the figure you are using for the "smaller car". A better comparison would use real world numbers and compare apples to apples. Many cars come with a hybrid option. Most of these cars will get about 10-20% better mileage in the real world than their gasoline counterparts. So if you pay $2000 a year on fuel, you could save $200 - $400.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buying a hybrid today does not make economic sense. Anyone who buys a hybrid is buying the vehicle today is doing so because a. there is some regulated benefit associated with it (HOV lane or free parking) b. they love the environment c. they believe that gasoline prices are going to go way up - in the near future.
While I love the environment, the best reason to buy is C. The problem is that hybrids are relatively small: Prius weighs 2890 and Honda's hybrids weigh less. SUV's and large trucks on narrow roads or in the hands of poor drivers represent a clear and present danger to anyone in a small vehicle. Once gas prices begin to climb rapidly Hybrids will be hard to purchase - demand will exceed supply. The future will be very interesting.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your a tree hugger buy a hybrid
if not than wtf are you doing on this website go on porn or something

3:03 PM  
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