Monday, May 17, 2004

2004 Honda Insight, Hybrid car, ** Save Fuel ""

1.0-liter, 12-valve, 3-cylinder engine, Honda Insight is a light weight car as body is made up of light weight aluminum alloys and magnesium. The engine and transmission is efficient as measures are taken to reduce friction, better then conventional cars. The major attraction is that its 1st tune up could be done at 105,000 miles ( except fluid and filter changes). Honda claims the car mileage as 60mpg city /65 mpg highway thus a tank of gas could take you more then 700 miles.

Honda Insight has a starting price of $19,180. The safety equipments are:-

`` Front and rear crush zones
`` Dual side-impact door beams
`` Box-sectioned cabin floor
`` Reinforced hexagonal frame extrusions
`` Anti-lock braking system
`` Dual front airbags
`` 3-point seat belts

The trims available for Insights are:-

Honda Insight 5-spd MT
MSRP: $19,180
Invoice: $17,917
Engine: 1.0L I3 67HP
Fuel: 60/66 mpg

Honda Insight 5-spd MT w/ AC
MSRP: $20,380
Invoice: $19,036
Engine: 1.0L I3 67HP
Fuel: 60/66 mpg

Honda Insight CVT w/ AC
MSRP: $21,380
Invoice: $19,969
Engine: 1.0L I3 65HP
Fuel: 57/56 mpg


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