Monday, May 17, 2004

Save Save & Save environment , ** Save Fuels ** , use hybrid car electric car

The exhaust comprising of unburnt Hydrocarbons, Oxides - nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide creates havoc with our environment. We zoom away with our car leaving behind gases, which is piling up for our future generation. If this continues to happen the day is not far when this planet would be unfit for living.

When engine is not tuned, older cars with old and outdated technology, Fuel quality adds another big load on nature. Few important points for regular car users:-

`` Change engine oil as recommended.
`` Proper use of lubricants
`` Ignition timing
`` Spark Plug
`` Tire Pressure
`` On red-light if more then 2 minutes halt is required switch off engine.
`` Try to drive at constant speed

The pollution caused by vehicles could lead to respiratory problems, cardio-vascular (agina), could affect fetuses (**), nervous system, nausea, headaches, encephalopathy in children resulting in lower IQ. Others affected are aquatic life, trees etc.

It is high time we think of alternatives such as electric cars or hybrid cars. Just give it a thought and help environment and future generations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is high time to think abt environment due to increasing pollution and global warming. Not only in automobiles but use of fuels which does not harm nature in other sectors should also be encouraged

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