Sunday, May 16, 2004

List of hybrid cars , A brief History

The first hybrid car "Toyota Prius" was introdused in Japan market in 1997 and thus the begining of environment friendly vehicles. It came to America only in 1999 with honda Insight. The car gets power from gasoline and battery hence the name hybrid car.

The 1st hybrid car concept was introduced in 1928 by Ferdinand Porsche. Where as commercial production of this car was started much later i.e in 90's. However the technology was used in other machine such as a diesel locomotive train where the source of power was both electric and diesal run motors.

The early cars where Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. The hybrid cars which is available in the market are:-

`` Honda Insight
`` Toyota Prius
`` Toyota Highlander Hybrid
`` Lexus RX 400h
`` Ford Escape Hybrid
`` Honda Civic Hybrid


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