Friday, May 21, 2004

Drawbacks of hybrid cars, Not many then benefits

1. Hybrid car owners complain of less mileage for their car then as projected by the car manufacturers.

The mileage of the cars is tested in laboratories at perfect driving conditions .In real sense a car has to face wind resistance, faulty roads, air conditions, gizmos which was not used when the mileage was tested. However the mileage also depends on the type of driving so it may vary from person to person. Do gasoline cars not show mileage different from projected.

2. Dangerous in case of accidents for rescue workers.

Hybrid cars generate around 500 volts. But it is not that dangerous as being projected in case of accidents. However the fuel lines are more dangerous then electric lines. The 2 hybrid cars manufacturers Honda and Toyota are trying their best to educate people and rescue workers about the safety measures.

3. Not profitable

It is true. But in 3-4 years of run it would be profitable in terms of $$ saved from gasoline. The prices of gasoline is already more then $2. As the prices would increase the car would be more profitable which seems very likely. :)


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