Monday, July 26, 2004

2005 Ford Focus, the new mid size Ford Focus

The all new 2005 Ford Focus will be built on a modified Mazda 6 platform and would be built at Hermosillo, Mexico would be on sale from late summer 2005. In Europe the car is in the form of small wagon which is based on ford fiesta.

The hybrid or gasoline electric version of the Ford Fusion is expected to hit the roads by 2007 and would be called as CD3.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Free parking for Hybrid cars

In order to provide more incentives to Hybrid car owners and let people know the benifits of hybrid cars Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn has proposed to provide free car parks to hybrid cars in city streets. The motion would be proposed to remove parking car meter fees for hybrid cars for 6 months which would start from September 1.

The electric and natural gas car are offered free parkings at present times. The step would further prove importance of hybrid cars in the age of rising prices and dependence for oil on other countries.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Toyota Prius crash test : 5-star Euro NCAP

Toyota Prius gains 5-star Euro NCAP accolade. Hybrid car gets class-best 34 points and highest ever child protection score. Prius is first ever hybrid to be tested by Euro NCAP. A further 125 actual crash tests confirm optimum passive safety.

Toyota Prius the 1st hybrid car tested by Euro NCAP passed the test with ease and with best of results. 34 points awarded to it is the highest point awarded ever which gave the car to 5 star rating. It got 43 points in Child Protection Rating another highest score ever.

The test results shows that it is not only a strong performer but also has all the best safety features which is best then found in any other car. The major safety equipments includes 8 airbags, a dual-stage seatbelt warning system, a knee protection panel and a fascia-mounted starting button.

To confirm the data from the crash test simulations, a programme of 125 real crash tests took place for Prius - substantially more than usually conducted in the development of a new model.