Friday, June 30, 2006

2009 Acura NSX, Acura 2009 Future Cars

Acura demonstrated world with there opening NSX that they could acquire a super car and use it on a daily basis driving. Long awaited the current NSX is there since 1991 with some minor updates.

Acura NSX is expected to tap the roads by 2009. The 2009 Acura NSX is going to target Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo in a big way and is for sure a big dent into their market.. According to gossips Honda is already testing prototypes for the car in Japan. Front-engine layout, and mid-engine like one in the earlier model is worked on. The car is also probably to have V10 engine with 500 horsepower.

Super Handing All-Wheel Drive is most likely to be used in 2009 Acura NSX as is right now in Acura RL. It will send power to front wheels whenever required. Otherwise front engine layout would run most of the power to the rear wheels.