Sunday, August 29, 2004

2006 Chrysler Hybrid cars : Chrysler planning to introduce front-wheel-drive hybrids

According to Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche of DaimlerChrysler’s Chrysler Group, Chrysler soon would be going to launch its front wheel drive hybrid car most probably in early 2006. With the growing demand of hybrid cars and the entry of the rivals such as Ford Motor Co., Chrysler could not overlook the importance of hybrid cars.

For long Chrysler was enphasizing on diesel vehicles as as an alternative to fuel guzzling vehicles to keep its fuel-efficiency ratings. But with the hybrid cars becomming so popular it is planning to introduce gasoline-electric powered engine to reduce gas consumtion for its vehicles.

Most likely models for the hybrid cars could be PT Cruiser, Dodge and Chrysler minivans. Zetsche also hinted that Chrysler might not go for development of hybrid engine but could licence the technology from another manufacturer.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Honda unveils Fuel efficient green scooters

Honda unveils Fuel efficient green scooters
Honda Motor Co. has recently displayed its fuel efficient line of scooters which will be available in 2 different engine types i.e gas electric, all electric and fuel cell scooters. Honda is mum about when this scooters would be launched but it said that they would continue to improve the models in future.

This is the first time when gasoline-electric engines are used for 2 wheelers. The fuel cell scooter is similar in size as 125 cc normal scooter and the hybrid scooter has 50 cc capacity engine. With the launch of these scooters Honda would have a edge on its competitors Suzuki & Yamaha. Honda would have no rival/competition if it launches these vehicles soon.

The technology for hybrid scooters is similar to that of hybrid cars where the battery for hybrid scooters are charged during deceleration and it temporarily stops the engine when vehicles have to stop at traffic.