Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hybrid cars News Update

This Monday hybrid car owners at New Jersey will be reworded. Drivers of hybrid vehicles at New Jersey Turnpike could use high occupancy vehicle lanes which will bring much relief in their commutation. The move is welcome as it will encourage people to opt for hybrid vehicles in the era of rapidly rising fuel prices. Owners of hybrid cars could drive in HOV lanes without any occupant. Right now these lanes are reserved for vehicles with at least 3 occupants, motorcycles and buses.

Congressman Brad Sherman, a big supporter of hybrid car thinks that plug-in hybrids will be next big thing in automobile industry. According to him cars that could get more then 100 miles per gallon could be termed as the cars of the future. Since electric cost is one third of the current gas price, there seems much depth in his thought. It was Brad Sherman who sponsored legislation which was aimed to encourage hybrid vehicles be included in highway bill which enabled states like California allow these cars in car-pool lanes.

Another great initiative to promote hybrid cars was taken by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. Aviva is now giving 10% discount on auto insurance in Quebec. The only criterion for this discount is that the car should be environment friendly. Thumbs up to Aviva for acknowledging well deserved environmental friendly car owners.