Monday, February 14, 2005

Gas electric car, Hybrid cars a must buy. Why?

Isn't hybrid cars cool. Yes, it is. But why? Have you ever thought of the green house effect or how the exhaust from the cars degrading our environment? Have you ever thought of going green? Have you ever thought what is the gift you are going to give to next generation. Are you planning that you would not give even a ounce of fresh air for the generations to come. Have you ever thought, how much you would make your country dependable on other countries for fossil fuel? If you have not given thought to all the above then :( . Lets do it even if you have to cough a bit of extra $1000-1500 as this price is nothing as compared to the benifits you are going to get when you buy a hybrid car.

Do not let your financial considerations affect environmental and patriotic concerns. Once you drive a gas electric car, you would be proud of yourself that your environment car is using less gasoline and affecting the environment to a minimum level. Price difference between Hybrid cars and non hybrid cars should not be a point of concern for you. After all your act is also benifiting country, environment and the generation to come. Isn't your small gesture, a little extra price, going a long way in benifiting the lives of lot of people in the world.

Hybrid Cars Make No Sense: Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn

Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn comment on hybrid cars makes no sense. He thinks that hybrid cars have not yet come to a point where it matches its cost in terms of usability. He said, "They make a nice story, but they're not a good business story yet because the value is lower than their costs". Mr. Carlos, have you heard of a word called green. Is there only one criteria of buying something? I think, he might want to go through my blog once before giving a comment like this.

Point to be noted is, Nissan is going to start production of gas electric car of its Altima sedan, somewhere around 2006 for US markets. :) However, Nissan is going license some of the hybrid technology from Toyota, the market leader in manufacturing of hybrid cars. Ghosn also commented that hybrid cars sold in US market were mere 88,000 compared to 16.9 million light vehicles sold in 2004. So he thinks hybrid cars are considered as niche products.

Automobile industry is optimistic of fuel cell technology but Ghosn doesn't think so. He said, "The cost to build one fuel cell car is about US$800,000. Do the math and you figure out that we will have to reduce the cost of that car by more than 95 percent in order to gain widespread marketplace acceptance". Now if you had to buy a PIII PC 20 years back, how much would be its cost. I think all his comments were baseless and I can't take any one of them.