Sunday, October 24, 2004

2006 S3X SUV Environment-Friendly Hybrid cars from GM Daewoo

2006 S3X SUV Environment-Friendly Hybrid cars

GM Daewoo motors introduced their 1st hybrid cars which is expected to enter mass production in 2006. It will be available as a gasoline and a diesel-powered engine. This will be the first vehicle designed by GM Daewoo since GM brought Daewoo in 2002.

These hybrid cars i.e S3X would be more fuel efficient then regular gasoline powered cars and would have a maximum speed of 100 kph which is far behind Prius and Hyundai Hybrid Click which have 161 kph and 165 kph respectively. GM Daewoo plans to boost its speed of hybrid car to 150 kph before its launch. Other then hybrid car GM also displayed "Hy-Wire" concept car which would run on hydrogen based fuel cells.